Clouds & Sun

6 April 2004
Several different groups of storm clouds came through this area on Thursday, and I enjoyed getting out in the yard to take photographs. (I put some up on Facebook, also, but this is pretty much a different selection of photos.) Haven't figured out how do rig it so the pictures don't upload in reverse order.

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Blood oxygen level = 96%; exercise bike=3 miles.

Fair Weather Clouds

Blowing Clouds
The temperature is a touch too high for comfort (79°F/26°C), but we have enjoyed playful clouds almost all day with no rain in sight. There is a nice breeze, and when I was out taking sky pictures earlier today, the neighbor children and their mother were playing quietly in the front yard. If I went in for such things, it would have been--could still be--a perfect day for lying in the sun.













Al and I both stayed up reading, last night. I fell asleep after four; the last time I got up, it looked close to dawn, and the moon was framed on three sides, ground and trees, the clear sky shown with a deep, bold blue rather than black. I talked myself into going back to bed for those last three hours of sleep. I'd rather have stayed up to watch the sunrise begin.

I did get a two-hour nap this afternoon. I must get to bed at a reasonable hour, tonight.


We have had another go-round of rain storms, here. I had the air cleaner, the desktop computer and the printer unplugged from the wall for several days. Further south (Minneapolis, etc.), where many of our relatives live, there was a lot of rain.

(Click on image for larger version. The grey shades are not dramatic, but I like the shapes and contrasts.)






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Spring Clouds - June 15

Blowing Clouds
Storms, clouds, and rain on Saturday and Sunday. The river is up to flood stage. There were nice clouds, yesterday.







Tuesday: TAP, Iris, voting


The day was relaxing. I woke at seven (feeding time for Samantha), and then had yogurt and strawberries for breakfast. Chicken breast and rice for lunch. Then we voted. Primary, city, county, state. The Green party wasn't on the ticket. Rats! Did not vote Dem. or Rep. Some of the people I voted for, for other offices, did win. Dennis W. remains mayor. (Unless something drastic has happened in the few intervening hours.) The air quality in the building is still poor; we used to meet for worship, there. Went home and took a shower, which helped.

I got a nap, and then Al and I spent some time at the Arts Partnership (TAP) party/meeting at the Red River Zoo. It was nice. I'd never seen the carousel building decorated and lit up inside, before. I finally got to greet Dayna in person and get a proper hug. We met a few other people, too. I had a glass of lemonade, but Al skipped the snacks. Would have been nice to have been able to stay longer, but I didn't want to push it. Still feeling a bit wobbly after voting.

It's been nine days since I last used the nebulizer and a day or two more that I have been taking iron supplements instead. I think the supplements are helping more than the albuterol, as long as I don't run into fragrances or smoke. I considered signing up for a shift at the marksmanship center, but I am inclined to put that off, at least for a few weeks. If I get my gun cleaned and put back together properly, we may go shooting together later this week or early next week. Will see how I do with a longer period of time around people. The carousel building wasn't a good test, in spite of all the people here, since the building, while open all the way to the rafters, is at least three stories high.

Time for sleep.

Partly flowery

The ground was soaked, Sunday, and I understand we're due for more of that today. Aside from sleeping too much and eating too seldom, Samantha and I read together and explored the flower offerings in the back yard. More plants are flowering, including . . . wildflowers.

Al mowed the front yard and the grass beneath the cotoneasters at the far side of the back yard. Next chance, according to the forecast, looks to be Wednesday.

I think I'm going to make some changes in routines/timing to see if I can increase how much sleep I get at once. More regular mealtimes, and sleep in just one or two blocks. Speaking of which, I think I'll have a salad before I go back to sleep.





Bonnie Schulz (1949-2014)

Bonnie's memorial service was held this morning at her church in Moorhead. She managed to work throughout most of the time she had breast cancer. Went into hospital on the 4th and died on the 8th. Bonnie bred and showed Afghans and Salukis. She always brought half a dozen, more or less, to her grooming shop (Canine Clipper), and when there were puppies of an appropriate age, she brought them along, too. She was Al's friend since 1981 or 1982, when he first started bringing his (and then our) cocker spaniels to her for grooming every six weeks. Samantha's last scheduled appointment was for May 9th. When she had to cut back on her work hours, Bonnie kept Samantha and Rascal on her schedule. There are no words to convey how much we miss her.

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Spring flowers

willow leaves
P4221884 I managed to clear out last fall's debris from the south side garden before the rains started again. On the north side, where there are only perennials, some flowers already had bloomed. Even the poet's narcissus is showing leaves, but that's no guarantee that there will be flowers; there have been none after the first year. The dandelions are along the east-facing foundation. I began clearing debris from the salad/wildflower garden on the twenty-second, but the wind was too strong and carried too many allergens. Today and tomorrow will be rainy, which means that the pollen count will be lower (and perhaps the folks next door will not be smoking meat on the back porch), so I may be able to return to that task and plant lettuces, nasturtiums and summer squash.

P4221861-001 Today and tomorrow will be rainy, which means that the pollen count will be lower (and perhaps the folks next door will not be smoking meat on the back porch), so I may be able to return to that task and plant lettuces, nasturtiums and summer squash. (Assuming I get out to buy seeds. Lettuce seeds disappear quickly.) I'm thinking about planting the salad greens on the north side of the plot, so that the wildflowers will shelter them from the afternoon sun, which can get really brutal. I still have a couple different wildflower mixes stored from last year, including one that's a bee-friendly assortment.

I have not gotten in as much photography as i would have hoped since the frost disappeared from the windows. I have discontinued volunteer work (as of the end of March) until October, thinking the air will be cleaner then. Until it got warm enough to cook outside, I was doing well. I must remember to check wind direction before going outside. I moved my exercise bike inside from the gazebo at the beginning of winter, so I can bike in the living room, now. Sleeping in the recliner, which allows me to elevate my feet, is also useful.

P4221869-manipulated_1a-small This is the same flower as above, although not the same photograph. I had fun messing with the colors, hues and such.

[Note: Clicking on any of these images will bring up a larger (but not huge) version.]

Wendell Berry

I finally listened to Wendell Berry reading two of his poems (from a video, I think, on the Bill Moyers site, of an extended interview). (Thank you, pat_berry , for providing me with the name, last October.) Today (Thursday), Al and I stopped by the bookstore on the way home from the marksmanship center, and I bought two books by Wendell Berry: Fidelity contains five short stories, and New Collected Poems contains over three hundred pages of poetry. So far, "Questionnaire" is my favorite. I also have read the first short story in Fidelity: "Pray Without Ceasing."

I expect to read the poetry in small bites.


beauty, blossoms, flowers, lilies
Getting a nice melting pattern, more in the front yard than in the back. There's standing water along the back fence and as far up the yard as the second shrub; maybe six feet or a little more. There's snow in the forecast for Thursday night and Friday, but not to amount to anything serious.



I am making some progress on household chores, and am reading an interesting novel by Kate Maloy: Every Last Cuckoo. Murder of Crows by Anne Bishop is good and stands up nicely to rereading. I can hardly wait for the next one! Still reading a bit of Our Mathematical Universe in between as a diversion.

The television programs I used to watch, with the exception of Grimm, have turned sour. Therefore, I'm pretty much watching Grimm and some DVDs. I recently rewatched Cutting Edge, The Proposal, and The Lake House. Al's got Gravity and I have the first Hobbit movie yet to watch.